Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy is a modern-day one-room schoolhouse that offers Personalized-student-centered learning in small groups. We believe small scale is the future of education which allows for a differentiated instruction to fit each learner’s needs and learning styles.

We offer individualized learning where learners get to move at their own pace in a small group setting.

At Horizon Academy, we focus on social-emotional learning, community-based projects, and hands on learning. Using these non-traditional methods, it engages learners to be creative, fun and develop problem-solving skills.

Our mission is to offer families an alternative program that defies a “one size fits all” education.

I, Laura the founder of Tutor Zone and Horizon Academy, have been a teacher in the public school system for over 10 years. I have seen first-hand as a teacher and parent how the system fails to fulfill the needs of children with unique abilities by only offering limited educational programs. Launching Horizon Academy came from my love of teaching, my goals of accommodating my child, and my drive to help other families facing similar experiences.

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